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Lee Australia

Working with Sue was very rewarding. Her attention to detail while crafting a vision for my business unlocked aspects I hadn’t considered before and challenged me to define my service at a deeper level to meet the REAL needs of my clients.

Sue recognised the ‘limiting language’ I was using causing low confidence and doubt within myself. Knowing this, I am now able to reframe how I present myself and approach launching my business from a place of strength.

Natasha Switzerland

Susan and I met on a platform for Life Coaches. She stood out to me immediately, by her straight to the point, yet empathetic, attitude. The way she engaged with others, the questions she asked, her guiding them through the process to find their answers.

There is magic in her coaching. I remember thinking to myself: ‘She is a born coach! She is something special. You can’t learn this, you have it or not, and Susan has it.’

She excels in goal-setting and finding your drive. Or maybe I am limiting her by saying that, but it was what got my attention. So when I got stuck – no shame here in admitting that, yes even life-coaches get stuck! – I thought immediately about Susan.

I had several coaching sessions with her and she guided me to clarity. Susan got me to answer questions I had not found answers to for some time. The result is I feel confident, clear and energised to pick up from where I left of and go full force ahead. I highly recommend working with Susan if you feel stuck, overwhelmed and need clarity.

Thanks so much, Susan!’

Shweta England

Huge thank you to Susan Hollick who has the most amazing way of coaching- she’s fabulous! I’ve had a value elicitation session with her and then a mind mapping session- couldn’t recommend her skills enough! Fab fab fab

Carole Glasgow, UK

I would like to share the insightful break through session I had with Susan Hollick, Life Coach. Susan skillfully guided me through a session where multiple issues arose. Her passion to help, strong intuition and empathy made her easy to open up to. We also discussed future tools I could use. Susan was non judgmental and together we created a motivational action plan which I have just taken the first step towards as a result am feeling empowered ?. Thank you Susan.

Nicola England
Susie has the gift of being able to truly listen with empathy and in a non judgmental way. She allowed me the space to go deep within myself and find my own answers to where I was feeling stuck. She then skilfully challenged me so that I could gain clarity on my next steps forward. When I took these first steps she reminded me that, “She was in my pocket” so I knew that I wasn’t alone. Susie believed in me, so that I can believe in myself!
Sandra USA
There are helping professionals out there who will give you their time, attention, and expertise Susan can do all those things while also bringing along her empathetic heart & compassionate spirit! In working with Susan, I found her to be an excellent coach! She listens intently and creates a safe space within which personal breakthroughs can happen – and they do! If you’re looking to improve things, need support on your journey, or are looking to take life to the next level, I would highly recommend working with Susan Hollick!
Rima USA

Susie is a fantastic coach for anyone needing to focus on what it is they really want to achieve and come up with a plan to make it happen. I came to Susie during a time off immense change in my life and she was able to help me find clarity, which brought down my stress level and helped me to move forward (and fight procrastination). Susie is compassionate, friendly, fun, and thoughtful. She is a great listener and meets her clients where they are, developing a plan that is feasible without judgement or pretence. I always left our sessions feeling better, lighter, and surer of my course of action. Love Susie!

Kim Kansas, USA

I had a couple of issues holding me back and keeping me from moving forward in my life, so I turned to Susan for help.  She approached each issue thoughtfully and always came to our session with ideas for action and things to think about.  She treated me with kindness and compassion, and provided genuine encouragement.


Susie has given me guidance in areas of my life that I have been concerned about for many years.

The first session required trust and openness from myself which I believe I could have only given if I was comfortable with the person; Susie was that person.

Susie combines professionalism with empathy and you truly feel like she cares about your progress and is ‘with you’ as you explore your strengths and weaknesses in a positive way.

The session on values was particularly helpful in examining some areas of my personality that I had hidden for some time. This allowed us to define some goals that reflected exactly what I wanted to achieve.

I can thoroughly recommend Susie’s approach and feel that she could easily adapt to any scenario that she was being asked advice on.