Being truly happy in your life is a simple formula 

Moving from one accounting job to another, falling into the same trap of long working hours, stressful deadlines no work/life balance. 

Getting depressed and stressed having time off work to recuperate. 

I did this program that helped shape my life as it is today, I want to share that with you.

I have now left the accounting profession and I am doing what I love coaching.  Feeling happy and fulfilled, and I would like to pass this secret onto you.

Together we will discover all about you, your dreams, your desires. 
We will turn these into an action plan, and then we will move you forward till you are where you want to be. 
We will investigate what is holding you back, and why you are not already living your dream.

There Are Helping Professionals Out There Who Will Give You Their Time, Attention, And Expertise. Susan Can Do All Those Things While Also Bringing Along Her Empathetic Heart & Compassionate Spirit!

In Working With Susan, I Found Her To Be An Excellent Coach! She Listens Intently And Creates A Safe Space Within Which Personal Breakthroughs Can Happen – And They Do! 

If You’re Looking To Improve Things, Need Support On Your Journey, Or Are Looking To Take Life To The Next Level, I Would Highly Recommend Working With Susan Hollick! 

Sandra –Seattle

Susie Has The Gift Of Being Able To Truly Listen With Empathy And In A Non-Judgemental Way. She Allowed Me The Space To Go Deep Within Myself And Find My Own Answers To Where I Was Feeling Stuck. She Then Skilfully Challenged Me So That I Could Gain Clarity On My Next Steps Forward.

When I Took These First Steps She Reminded Me That, “She Was In My Pocket” So I Knew That I Wasn’t Alone. 

Susie Believed In Me, So That I Can Believe In Myself! 

Nicola –England

I Would Like To Share The Insightful Break Through Session I Had With Susan Hollick, Life Coach. 

Susan Skilfully Guided Me Through A Session Where Multiple Issues Arose. Her Passion To Help, Strong Intuition And Empathy Made Her Easy To Open Up To. We Also Discussed Future Tools I Could Use. 

Susan Was Non-Judgemental And Together We Created A Motivational Action Plan Which I Have Just Taken The First Step Towards As A Result Am Feeling Empowered. Thank You, Susan.

Carol –Scotland 

Will this program work for me?

This program will be effective for anyone if they are willing to put the work in.

What if I don’t have the time?

How much time do you waste on watching TV, not getting up on time, spending time on social media or the smart device that is stuck to your hand?

I cannot justify spending this amount of money on myself.

You really do need my program.

I cannot really afford your program!

This program is an investment in your future finances long-term, as well as your emotional well being.