About Me


Low self esteem, low confidence and self worth can be a thing of the past. You really can be your own best friend and accomplish great things together.

My passion is all about helping you explore and discover who you really are.

It is a great privilege and an honour to witness the transformation that occurs when you leave the addictions behind and become comfortable in your skin, with who you are. I’m not in the business for quick fixes, but being by your side for the long haul no matter how long it takes.

I believe that you can thrive in life on the other side of addiction, stress & depression, this is just the start of your journey that will go “to infinity…… and beyond”  Buzz Lightyear

I am a certified life coach and a Acceptance and Commitment Therapist, proud mum of 2 adopted greyhounds, who bring me a lot of love and fun.

Real change takes time commitment and courage, especially when juggling a hectic lifestyle with a career and a family.

With the belief in yourself (no matter how small) and the support from those who have been there before you, it’s possible to live the life you dream of and deserve.  

If you are willing to put in the hard work to change your life, I will match you with commitment. 


“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle but gorgeous in the end”

Robin Sharma