Strengthen your inner champion to overcome your inner critic

Voices – We hear voices inside our heads day in and day out. Some speak success and champion us forward, others speak of doom and gloom.

Our overall success is determined by which of these voices control our actions and purpose.

Inner critics are voices in our head that stir up feelings that make us feel bad, stupid, imperfect, guilty or unworthy.

Inner champions are the voices in our head that stir up feelings that makes us feel and believe that we can take on the world.

Acknowledging these pesky critics is the first step to controlling them.

Here is a list of 7 inner critics


Inner Controller,







  • This critic goes to great lengths to get you to do things perfectly, and when you don’t it beats you up.


  • Take some deep breaths and know when enough is enough! Your inner champion is telling you to cut yourself some slack, not everything will be perfect every time.


  • The inner controller has very fixed and precise standards for how you and everyone else should live. When you fail to measure up to these standards the controller attacks and shames you.


  • You are lovable, you do not need to be controlled nor do you need to control others. Learn to trust you and your judgement in trusting others, let go of the notion that there is only one way and you have to do everything.   

THE DESTROYER  – Your Critic

  • The Destroyer makes hard-hitting attacks on your fundamental self-confidence and self-worth. It tells you how stupid you are, how you will never amount to anything.  
  • It reinforces its claims by keep reminding you of everything you have done wrong in the past.

THE DESTROYER – Your Champion

  • Recognize that this inner critic is hurting you not helping you.  The past has gone forever it’s not a stick to beat you up. You deserve to be loved just for who you are, and you can do anything you like, work on believing that from the heart.


  • The taskmaster keeps you on your toes and wants you to work hard and be successful.   Strong opinions about mediocrity and laziness and keeps pushing you to keep going (often unreasonably).
  • It pushes you too hard and expects too much from you, not allowing you to be relaxed and be easy going.
  • This inner critic will drive you into the ground.

THE TASKMASTER – Your Champion

  • Self-love is critical to realise when enough is enough and to stop when you need to.  Being kind to you is imperative along with realising that a to do List will never end.


  • The Guilt Tripper is the Inner Critic part that makes you feel bad about certain things you have done. It holds on to the past and reminds you of hurtful actions you have taken or even accidents that you have been responsible for.
  • It punishes you unmercifully for what it sees as your wrongdoing, making you believe you are a bad person.
  • It won’t allow you to forget what you’ve done or let you forgive yourself for it.


  • Hating yourself for the past will NOT help you to be a better person in the present.
  • The past is in the past, you can feel good about who you are today.  
  • Take care of what you can and let go of what cannot be changed.

THE MOLDER – Your Critic

  • The Molder Inner Critic tries to fit you into a certain mold or get you to be a certain way.
  • It compares you to other people whom it admires.
  • It holds you up to expectations that originated with your parents, community, heritage, or culture, that have been internalized and integrated as our own values.
  • It attacks you when you don’t fit the mold and praises you when you do.

THE MOLDER – Your Champion

  • Find some space to figure out who you are.  You are a unique person who can discover your own values and desires, that you can develop a lifestyle around.
  • When you live according to your own uniqueness, you will feel more at peace.
  • When you break out of your mold, your creativity is unleashed.
  • Take some time before making a decision to think through what is really right for you.
  • Find people who will support you in being yourself and share in your values and dreams.


  • The underminer Inner Critic tries to destroy your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • It wants to make sure you don’t take risks, or try new activities where you might fail.
  • It tells you that you can’t be successful and throws doubts on anything new you might want to try.

THE UNDERMINER – Your Champion

  • You have what it takes to make your way in the world.
  • You can tackle whatever you set your mind too.
  • You deserve to have support that holds you through taking chances and stretching yourself.
  • There is help and support available to guide you in finding your way. You can trust your instincts.
  • If you give yourself time, you can determine what risks are worth taking