Unlock the best version of you (part 3) Emotions


Take outstanding care of your emotions

Taking care of your mind will have a very positive influence on your emotions. By focusing on the positive, your emotions will also become much more positive. What you think about you will feel, what you focus on you will accomplish.

WHY plays a very important role here you need a strong why a strong emotional reason or life mission, write down in a journal WHY you want to become the best version of yourself? Always have a huge WHY in your life the bigger the WHY the more focus you will have to be the person you want to be. For every part o  f the person you would like to be write down the reason E.g I would like to be slimmer, WHY I will feel sexier, I can wear the clothes I would like to wear etc. Review those reasons on a regular basis.

Only if you have a strong emotional WHY, a strong sense of personal mission, can you enjoy the benefits of a great mind.

If you want to achieve the best version of yourself, follow your heart and listen to your gut instinct. Gather the courage to start doing things you were born to do (work, love, creating, hobbies etc.).

Visual elements can motivate you extensively. So visualise, have a vision board, go for a “test drive” of what you want out of life. That will help you achieve your peak performance.

It also helps a lot to be emotionally motivated if you make peace with your past and learn to live in the present moment.